Official Cowboy of Massachusetts

There’s a bill being considered in the Massachusetts legislature to name Rex Trailer the Official Cowboy of Massachusetts. According to an article in the Boston Globe (click on the link to go to the article):

Originally from Texas, [Rex Trailer] played the cowboy in “Boomtown,” which aired on WBZ-TV from 1956-1974.

A bill to name Trailer, who is in his 80s, as the official cowboy of the Commonwealth is wending its way through the State House. It was endorsed by the Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development Committee this week.

“Certainly, I’m very honored,” Trailer said. “I don’t think there’s anybody else who has an honor like that, but Massachusetts has a state flag and it has a state frog, a state flower. So if I’m part of that … then that’s great.”

Also, there’s a nice video about Rex Trailer posted on YouTube, with comments from a variety of Bostonians and celebrities who grew up watching his show. The video ends with the catchy “Boomtown” theme song.


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