Justified: Guy Walks Into A Bar

A little behind on Justified—just now watched episode 10, “Guy Walks Into a Bar.” In order to avoid a lawsuit (because of the all the things that the prison system did wrong back when Dickie temporarily escaped a few episodes back), Kentucky has decided to give Dickie Bennett a pardon and release him. Raylan tries various stategies to prevent that from happening, ultimately doing the one thing he most does not want to do—testify at Dickie’s hearing. “You’ve testifed before,” Art tells him. “It’s never gone well,” Raylan admits.

My admiration for Dickie’s hair is ongoing this season. When he appears at the hearing (above), it is in fine form. For much of this season, his hair has looked like he has been licked repeatedly by a herd of cows. At the hearing, there’s a little more control over his hair. It looks like only 4 cows have licked it, one on his right side, licking several times straight up, one on his left side also licking several times straight up, and then two other cows, one on each side again, but with only one lick applied by each cow, right at the crown of his head, from back to front, so that there’s a little bit of an accent pushing forward toward his forehead on both sides.

After Raylan’s testimony, Art comments, “Next time you tell me you’re not good at something, I’ll believe you.” Near the end of his testimony, Raylan changes course, “What the hell. Let him out.” And the judge agrees.

The more serious part of the episode is the continue disintegration of Quarles. He’s the guy that walks into a bar—and tells Raylan that he will someday kill him. We almost have a showdown, as Raylan asks, why wait? The attractive shotgun-wielding bartender/owner puts a stop to things. What has worked really well over the past few episodes is Wynn Duffy’s increasing uneasiness, mostly conveyed through his reaction shots. Definitely a survivor, one wonders how long it’s going to be before Duffy unhooks himself from the unstable Quarles.


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