In Plain Sight: Final Season

Mary’s back!  And, to quote Marshall, “Semi-hostile teasing, welcome back!” When we last saw her, we saw a very pregnant gun-wielding Mary shooting the villain who had been trying to kill her. “I shot a suspect,” Mary explains, “And then went in to labor.” In the interim, Mary has given birth, and the new season begins with her first day back at the job.

The third episode takes us to the Owindo Indian Reservation (as far as I can determine, the Owindo are a fictional tribe) in pursuit of a Navy Seal turned-witness-turned-escaped witness. Marshall and Mary have to navigate the fact that they don’t have jurisdiction on the land of this sovereign nation. Fortunately, Wes Studi (always good to see) is the chief of police of the Owindo, and after trading jibes with Marshall, gives them permission to to chase the fugitive—on the condition they take his deputy (and daughter) along with them. This leads to the unexpected sight of Marshall and Mary on horseback. Mary renames her horse “Dog Food.”

It’s surprising that it’s taken this long to get an episode set on an Indian reservation. It’s also good to see the series go so explicitly into the western genre—our heroes on horseback crossing Indian territory. And, it turns out, the reservation is the location of an old movie set that was used for westerns back in the day, so Marshall and Mary literally ride into a western. In addition to Wes Studi, Twilight saga and Winter in the Blood actress Julia Jones guest stars as Heather, the chief’s daughter. And before the episode is over, we have a shootout (in the old western movie set, naturally) and Heather proves herself to be a good shot.


One Response to “In Plain Sight: Final Season”

  1. SJV Says:

    We love this show except for the swearing…way too much and not needed. You will be missed but maybe next show you’ll have those with higher vocabularies that are educated enogh to not use swear words. You are all better than that. Best of luck to all of you.

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