The Killing (Election Day)

At long last, election day has arrived on The Killing, and the citizens of Seattle are going to the polls to cast their vote for mayor, and, finally, it’s beginning to look like there’s little danger that the next mayor of Seattle will be the man who killed Rosie Larsen, as the events of Day 24 and Day 25 seem to have vindicated both the candidates.

The clues in “Donnie and Marie,” the most recent episode, suggest that the culprit is one of Richmond’s staffers, either Jamie or Gwen (or, as Holder calls them, either Donnie or Marie), and, by the end of the episode, we seem to have found our killer.

Sarah Lund has almost given up not smoking. At least, she’s at the point where she’s constantly bumming cigarettes from Holder, but not so far back to being a smoker that she’s buying her own packs of cigarettes. Yet.

In this second season of The Killing, the series has departed sharply in its plot developments from the original Danish series, especially as the show has centered on the Wapi Eagle Casino (there not being Native American tribal lands in Denmark).  It is pretty clear that the murderer in Forbrydelsen is not going to be the same character as in The Killing. In the Danish series, in the final 5 or 6 episodes, the investigation turns back to Rosie’s family and their associates. The convergence of the two plot lines, the story of the Larsen family, the story of the police investigation, results in a very intense conclusion to the series. That the investigation in The Killing has taken them further and further away from the family has been, in some ways, one of the weaknesses of the American version. The Larsen’s story is starting to seem superfluous (and is receiving less attention in the narrative), especially since the central character in that story, Mitch, has been absent for most of the season.

Still, there were some revelations about one of Richmond’s staffers (I won’t reveal whether it was Donnie or Marie) at the end of the episode, and it looks like there’s an interesting secret to be unravelled, and I wonder as well if Richmond himself might not be in danger. I wonder if he could both win the election and . . . end up dead.


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