Western Writers Series Digital Editions User Study

Greetings, WLA folks,

A librarian colleague and I are beginning a research project (The Western Writers Series Digital Editions User Study) aimed at assessing the relative use and value of online/digital scholarship compared to print editions of scholarship, and we are using as a case study the Boise State University Western Writers Series–which I know many of you are familiar with. (http://westernwriters.boisestate.edu/)  As part of our research, we plan to interview/gather information from people who have used the Western Writers Series (in classrooms, for research, teaching, scholarship, or in any other context) in the past. We’re seeking details about how, why, and in what context the WWS has been used.

Our request: If you have used any volume of the WWS in the past and would be willing to answer some questions about how you’ve used it, please contact me (off the listserv) and let me know. After we’ve gauged initial interest, we’ll get in touch with those who volunteer with further details. Of course, all volunteers and information will remain anonymous/confidential unless prior approval is given.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to circulate this request widely.

All best,
Tom Hillard, Boise State University


Rick Stoddart, Oregon State University


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