WLA Tweets (July 6)

The WLA twitter account has been live for a little over a week. Below, a digest of our first week or so of tweets:

Today is International Kissing Day. To celebrate #KissingDay, what is your favorite kiss in a western?

Riders of the Purple Sock #RejectedWesternTitles

Tragic, terrifying photos of #waldocanyonfire destroying Colorado Springs http://is.gd/rXe9Qg

Instead of working, we’re all just gawking at pics from Front Range fires. Best wishes to all the evacuees

Roy Rogers’ Rider’s Rules http://bit.ly/Lg1KfT #western #horses

Report on Ecomedia Studies conference in Alaska (off-year ASLE conference): http://www.ecomediastudies.org/

Sad Irony of Fires: “the National Center for Atmospheric Research . . . closed as a precaution.” # DC

More Spearfishery: Our Wal-Mart had/has a fire, and flash flood warnings. Gettin downright Faulknerian. #DC

Just hopin’ the lightning stays atmospheric or at least non-ignitive.

My Spearfish fire notes brought on the Dylanic Hard Rain and Thunder on the Mountain.

So, Westlitters, read up on fire if you haven’t already: Norman and John Maclean, etc.

We also saw the High Park (Ft. Collins) explode when in Estes 2.5 weeks ago.

Never apologize, never explain. #FavouriteMovieQuotes #wes

When it’s time to shoot, shoot, don’t talk. #FavouriteMovieQuotes #western

When it’s time to shoot, shoot, don’t talk. Favorite #western #quote


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