Longmire 8 Seconds

The most recent episode of Longmire spent some time at a rodeo, chasing down a suspect, a bronco rider, who, it turns out, ends up being just a dick, and not a murderer. The episode has been getting a lot of discussion on twitter because it begins with a sex scene involving Katee Sackhoff’s Vic and her husband (who also, it turns out, ends up being a dick), although, it’s not so much as sex scene as one of coitus interruptus—as Vic is called away by dispatcher Ruby. Vic’s husband is mentioned, but doesn’t seem to appear in the novel series, so it was interesting to see him cast in the series.

The plot of this episode was a pretty standard mystery, with a little bit of rodeo thrown in. What was most interesting about the episode (in addition to a partially clothed Sackhoff) was the introduction of a new character—Barlow Connally, father of Branch, son of Lucien. As far as I know, this is a character who is not in the novel series (at least, through Junkyard Dogs, I haven’t encountered him). As with the casting of Peter Weller as Lucien Connally, Longmire is again pulling out the heavy guns with this bit of casting, with Gerald McRaney, late of Deadwood as the villainous capitalist George Hearst.  For a manipulative patriarch and (seemingly) general son of a bitch like Barlow Connally, they couldn’t have cast a better actor than McRaney for the part, especially as he brings to it a little bit of extra menace for Deadwood fans with a long memory.

It seems like Barlow is more intent on having his son beat Walt in the election for Sheriff than Branch is. Thus far, Branch has seemed like a generally nice guy, and his role in the action of the series has seemed a contrast with his obnoxious political posters, and perhaps this episode explained why that was the case—that he is being pushed by his father into taking on Walt.

Having introduced Peter Weller’s Lucien in the previous episode, I was ready for more of that character! Alas, he doesn’t make an appearance, and there simply wasn’t enough of Henry Standing Bear either.

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One Response to “Longmire 8 Seconds”

  1. Barbars Jackson Says:

    I definitely agree that there isn’t enough Henry. But what was there was memorable, as he nails Walt with a stunner after being called a “sanctimonious…prick”.

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