A Walk through the World of Longmire

For fans of the Longmire television series, if you’re looking for a way to fill the time between the last episode of season one and the upcoming season (still months away), in addition to reading Craig Johnson’s novels, you might want to visit Buffalo, Wyoming, which provides the basis for Walt’s town in the books and in the tv series. Just click on the excerpt for this Road Trips for Readers article to go to the full article:

To Buffalo residents, everything in the series of books about Absaroka County Sheriff Walt Longmire is more than real: the people, the places and even the food. Now fans of the books and new TV series on A&E, Longmire, have a place to visit to walk in the same boot prints as the well-read, world-weary sheriff.

So, what parts of Buffalo are in the books? “Well, pretty much the whole town,” Craig Johnson said. “When I first started out I purposefully set the series in a fictitious county, but then didn’t even bother changing the names of the streets.”


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