Breaking Bad-“Buyout”

Walt is in the meth business to build empires. He tells Jesse this when they are at his house, an invitation Jesse was surprised to receive. In the most deliciously awkward part of the episode, Jesse attempts to make small contact with Skyler. He complements her food and then she states in an icy tone that it just came from the Albertson’s deli. She has just found out that Walt told Marie about her affair with Benecke. I believe this is only the second time in the series that Jesse and Skyler have been in the same scene together.

In the wake of the boy’s death, Jesse is distraught and angry. Todd has no regrets. He simply says, “Shit happens,” and comments on the smell of the chemicals they use to dissolve the boy’s body. The opening sequence shows them unearthing the boy’s dirt bike slowly from the back of the truck and then we saw his hand in a moment that is truly horrifying. Todd also kept the tarantula in the jar.

Walt also appears to have no regrets. He whistles in the meth tent after Jesse and him see a news story about the missing boy.

Walt may be low on regrets, because he will not let this fortune get away from him as he did Gray Matter, the company that is now worth billions of dollars. This information rewards viewers who remember the birthday party scene from early in the series when Walt goes to the house of his former partner. We still don’t know the full reason Walt sold his part of the company.


3 Responses to “Breaking Bad-“Buyout””

  1. Liz Says:

    The many references to the first season in this ep. were interesting–they definitely add a sense of wrap up. Jesse and Walt talk about Walt’s initial plans to earn $700,000 (or so); Jesse and Skylar meet again (we last saw them together when Walt and he were dealing with another unwanted body); finally, we learn a bit more about Walt’s relationship to GrayMatter.

    Walt did refer to the “rent” when discussing the $5000. I always thought it was his relationship to Skylar, who was a waitress at a cafe near GrayMatter/”grad school”…? I am going to hazard that she got pregnant with Walt Jr–something like this was vaguely alluded to a few seasons ago, I think–but that is simply a guess.

    In any event, the meth business is an attempt to regain what he has lost before he dies. He wants to be important. I also thought it was fascinating that he checks Gray Matter’s worth every week. So the whole time we have been watching him and his adventures, he has been obsessing over their worth and what he lost. It has now become his obsession.

    • desertpam Says:

      In an Entertainment Weekly article on Breaking Bad, they said Gray Matter was Walt’s Rosebud. I think it makes him a more fascinating character to have this background information on him.

  2. westlitblogger Says:

    Thanks for the comments on the relationship to season one, Liz. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, so it’s good to be remind of some of the parallels between the first season and this one.

    Walt’s most chilling line: when he expressed his desire for an “empire.” It’s not enough to defeat Gus—Walt wants to become him.

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