Breaking Bad-“Say My Name”

In the first season of Breaking Bad, Jesse and Walt met Tuco in the junkyard and they had no power in that negotiation. They were meth up-starts seeking a share of the business. Now Walt emerges victorious from any negotiation. When the Phoenix meth crew initially refuses Walt’s offer for a share of the business, Walt tells them to “Say my name.” Heisenberg. Walt obtains the recognition he so desires.

Todd emerges as Jesse’s replacement in this episode. He’s a young, eager student ready to take notes and learn. He even refuses an offer of money until he’s truly learned the business.

The most memorable scene in this episode was the last image of the beautiful river, a great outdoor western scene for Mike’s death. “Just shut up and let me die in peace,” he tells Walt who is still talking about how it didn’t have to be that way, although we know it did. Mike’s death represents the loss of the main person who would challenge Walt. Mike stood for how crime was done in the past, with a sense of what was right even in the midst of doing everything wrong.


2 Responses to “Breaking Bad-“Say My Name””

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    At the very least, Mike found a good place to die.

    Ironically, Walt continues to claim the name Heisenberg without paying much attention to the “uncertainty principle” that the physicist is known for–the impossibility of completely and certainly predicting an outcome of an event under observation. Despite his repeated claims of having things under control, every action Walt takes creates unexpected consequences. We can trace Mike’s death in this episode pretty much directly to the events in the season opener, when they used the magnent to erase the laptop in police custody. The damage created by the magnent, specifically the breaking on a seemingly unimportant picture frame, revealing to the police the account numbers of various people in Gus’s employee, has had all sorts of consequences. It allowed the police to seize those accounts, thus making it necessary for Mike to join with Walt and Jesse in order to pay off his “legacy” debts Gus’s men who have been arrested—and to restock his own nest egg for his neice Kaylee. He knew it was a bad idea to get involved further with Walt, and the reason he had to do so was in large part because of Walt’s overkill with the magnent. We also have seen in these last two episodes Jesse repeatedly trying to escape Walt. I guess we will see when the season continues after a hiatus whether he will find a way to escape the collatoral damage that Walt leaves all around him.

  2. dimples101 Says:

    I am new the blog world, I don’t know if I am doing blog any justice, but I really enjoy yours. I am an avid fan of breaking bad, I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the mid-series finale!

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