Starting Up with Sons of Anarchy

It’s a sad state to be in—too busy to keep up with television watching. At the very least, I’m going to try to get caught up with Sons of Anarchy, watching the first two episodes: “Sovereign” and “Authority Vested.”

Interesting things to start the season, including a couple of new characters, an always welcome to see Jimmy Smits as Nero Padilla, a self-proclaimed “companionator,” and Harold Perrineau, from Lost, also makes an appearance as Mr. Pope. Jimmy Smits must get some kind of special props for having his first appearance in the series initially be a shot of his bare bottom (he seems to have picked up Gemma in a bar).

Clay confesses to the club that he killed Piney, although, he doesn’t tell the true story. Confession may be good for the soul, but this particular confession seems more for the good of Clay’s earthly being than his soul. Jax, anyway, doubts his sincerity: “What’s your play?”

For awhile there, I thought this was going to be an episode without a man hug! Clay at one point tries to offer Gemma a consoling hug, but she fends him off with an elbow in the ribs, and, at that point, I thought there was going to be no hugging in the episode at all. Fortunately, Bobby’s release from prison sets off a round of man-hugging, with 3 hugs of welcome. Then, after the club votes to confirm Bobby as VP, Jax gives him a particularly exuberant man hug—a three tapper (as they break the hug, they pound each other aggressively on the back three times before releasing). Then, there are hugs between Bobby and both Gemma and Tara. Man hugs do not necessarily take place only between men. Gemma gives Bobby a classic man hug, with three quick sharp taps on the shoulder to end it. Tara’s hug is just a basic hug, so I won’t include it in the man hug count.

It is not a good idea to cross Mr. Pope, even by accident, or by mistakenly taking out someone accident, especially when that someone is his daughter. His revenge on Tig is quite horrifyingly effective. Mr. Pope is an eye for an eye (and daughter for a daughter) kind of guy. Then again, I’m not sure crossing Tig is a particularly good idea either.

Man Hug total for “Sovereign”: 5

Robin Weigart (much beloved as Jane in Deadwood) shows up in “Authority Vested” in her recurring role as a lawyer for the MC.

There’s a nice exchange between Jax and Tara, as he suddenly decides he’s ready to get married:

Tara: “Here, in a brothel, wanted for murder?”

Jax: “Living the fairy tale, baby.”

Nero ends up going into a “Home for Physically Challenged Youth.” During the home invasion that smashes up Gemma’s house, we see that one of the invaders has a prosthetic foot. Connection?

As a general bit of advice: don’t play chicken with Jimmy Smits.

Well, one good thing about getting married on the spur of the moment in a brothel: at least there’s usually a judge to be found.

In an episode otherwise free of man hugs, we finally get 3 man hugs after the wedding near the end of the episode, as Jax accepts congratulations from his MC buddies.  There’s another Bobby/Tig man hug as he and Jax head off to jail after turning themselves in to the police, bringing the episode total to 4.

Man Hug Season Total: 9.

It’s early yet, but we may be well on the way to topping the Season 4 man hug total of 28 man hugs.

See also Sons of Anarchy and the Manly Art of Hugging for a definition and explanation of “man hug.”


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