Saying Goodbye on SoA

The two most recent episodes of Sons of Anarchy, “Laying Pipe” and “Stolen Huffy,” continued to play out the consequences of crossing Mr. Pope. Although the Sons have certainly spent prison time before, “Laying Pipe” is the first episode that spends extensive time inside, and things do not turn out well. One good thing about the SoA, the series knows its genre conventions, and we get most of the conventions of a good prison flick, corrupt guards, competing prison gangs, and even gratuitous nudity! Strip search, of course.

The episode turns dark pretty quickly, as Pope holds all the cards (and has the prison warden and several guards in his capacious pockets as well). Don’t read any further if you want to avoid spoilers, as not all of the Sons make it out of the prison alive.

So, Opie goes out as a warrior, as Jax says. Pope tells Jax that one Son will not make it out alive, and Opie makes sure that he’s the one who dies in a prison fight. On the one hand, I wasn’t expecting to see Opie die, but, on the other hand, it makes sense, as he’s been trying to find his way out of the M/C since the series began, and I guess he found it at last.

The two episodes were mostly free of man-hugs, with most of the hugging going on (there’s still hugging, this being SoA) being of the male/female variety, and mostly as gestures of comfort and consolation rather than the comradely exuberance of the man hug.

Jax has a deal to offer Nero, with one of the conditions that he stays aways from Gemma, because, Jax says, she will bleed all over the business proposition.  When Nero asks, “Are you sure this isn’t some sort of twisted mommy thing,” Jax answers, “I untwisted my mommy thing a long time ago.”

I have my doubts about that. As the series goes forward, Tara is seeming more and more like Gemma. Even though the two are at odds at the moment (they’ve got their own twisted mother-in-law / wife thing going), Tara comes to Gemma’s aid in her rumble with Carla (Nero’s assistant), and, once Tara jumps into the fight, Gemma just stands back and watches her punch Clara into a bloody mess (Tara’s cast makes for a nasty weapon). Although Tara was not “just like his Mom” when they first got together, it certainly seems that Jax is now married to a someone who is indeed just like the girl who married dear old dad (as the song goes), or, if not just like her, is getting closer and closer.


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