Hell on Wheels Update

Well, things have certainly been moving along on AMC’s Hell on Wheels heading into the season finale. It took nearly two seasons, a foiled robbery, and a wounded Durant being put on a train to Chicago for live-saving surgery, but Bohannan and Lily Belle finally spent the night together. The Swede, when not wandering the camp in his Davy-Crockett-style raccoon skin camp has been seen joining the Sioux in their sweat lodge (and has been secretly passing them stolen guns). The Swede also shaves his head, which makes him even more visually striking, especially when blood (as when Bohannan pops him in the head with one of the stolen rifles) is splattered all over his pale skin.  The “white spirit” indeed. He has also become a quite cheerful Nordic saboteur, using a Norwegian penny to jam up an engine that causes an accident at the bridge.

The most surprising development may be the arrival of Mrs. Hannah Durant, who accompanies her recuperating husband back to Hell on Wheels. “My husband is making some changes,” she tells Lily Bell, and then shuts the door on her, and that’s just the first of many doors she shuts on Lily, including the door of her own train car—which she kicks Lily out of and takes possession for her own quarters.

Bohannan lets Lily stay in his place, and goes off to bunk with Elam in his unfinished house. Elam tries to quit the railroad, but Durant tells him, “You die in my employee or you walk back through Indian Territory,” as he rips up the deed that McGinnis sold Elam. And then Durant makes Elam an offer.  As Elam tells Bohannan, “He wanted me to do something you ain’t going to like at all.” I guess we will find out exactly what that is during Sunday’s two-hour season finale.


One Response to “Hell on Wheels Update”

  1. liz Says:

    love this show hate the way the season 2 ended was hoping for more from Lily Bell and Bohannan

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