Walking Dead: Season Three

AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie western The Walking Dead begins its new season tonight. When we last saw the survivors, the “last stand” at Hershel’s farm had failed, and former sheriff (and The Walking Dead‘s version of the cowboy hero) Rick Grimes had declared, “This is no longer a democracy.” We don’t exactly begin where we last left off. Some time has passed. Lori’s pregnancy has advanced, and Hershel has an impressive white beard.  They also seem to have found a few silencers for their guns. We seem to have skipped over winter.

The group is still wandering in search of shelter. This is somewhat different than volume three of the graphic novel series, but we are back on track with the series before long—as the survivors discover the prison, which should provide the main setting for this season.

We also get to see the character Michonne for the first time—at least, as more than a hooded figure in the woods. Michonne is the machete-wielding  (actually, not a machete, but I can’t remember what type of sword she carries) former lawyer, an African American women who kicks serious butt in the graphic novel series.

The season opener has a lot of zombie killing going on, including a pretty good battle with zombie prison guards in riot gear. Otherwise, there’s not a lot of plot, and I’m finding the continuing zombie slaughter to be a little dull.

Okay, so things just got not dull.  Since this is just airing, I will let it go at that.


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