“It’ll All End in Guiness and Man Hugs”

At some point while watching “Orca Shrugged,” the thought popped into my mind, is that Walton Goggins? with breasts? Turns out, the answer to that question is “yes,” and Goggins’s turn as Venus is pretty amazing. A veteran of The Shield, it was only a matter of time before Goggins turned up on Sons of Anarchy (as have many of The Shield‘s actors), but Goggins as Venus gets my vote as best and most surprising guest starring role in a series that is notable for its clever use of guest stars.

I’m catching up on the Sons after falling behind. My other favorite moment from “Orca Shrugged” is the fight between Jax and Galen.  When Romeo asks Clay if everything is going to be okay, he answers, “It’ll all end in Guiness and man hugs.” And that is as good a summation of a typical episode of the Sons as you can get, fighting, drinking, man hugging.

Most of the hugging, however, takes place offscreen.

The only actual man hug in “Orca Shrugs” is between Galen and Clay.

Man Hug Season Total: 10


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