The Walking Dead “Walk With Me”

It’s been a while, but Merle has returned to The Walking Dead. Losing an arm after being chained to a roof in the first season hasn’t improved his personality much, and neither has the intervening time. He comes upon Michonne and Andrea as they (like Merle’s group) are attracted to the site of a helicopter crash.

We also get our first sight of the Governor in this episode, as Merle takes Michonne and Andrea to Woodbury. He’s not quite what I was expecting, at least not in terms of physical appearance. He’s been styled quite differently than the character in the graphic novel. Woodbury also looks more like a suburban shopping plaza, at least from what we’ve seen thus far. This is not a bad thing, just a difference in the way the set has been conceived. The prison, on the other hand, seems to have been modeled very closely on the graphic novel. Regardless, the contrast between the seeming luxuries of Woodbury and the stone bleakness of the prison are quite clear.

I do love Michonne’s constant expression of disapproval and distrust.

The Governor has a nice speech about the rise of civilization, but it looks like he’s mainly concerned with retaining his own position of power.  Well, I would have been gravely disappointed if they Governor had turned out to be a nice guy in this version of The Walking Dead.

The Governor has a good strong John Wayne stance, especially when he’s speaking.


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