The Forgotten Cowboys (documentary)

Andare Pescare

Man hugs, disturbing scenes of autoeroticism (Otto, with Tara present, and, in a reprise, Tara alone, with a bottle of perfume), propane tank explosions, bloody violence–all part of the episode “Andare Pescare.” In other words, just another typical episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Frankie Diamonds comes to the end of his road; alas, poor Juice is looking like the end is near for him as well.

After a recent drought of man hugs, “Andare Pescare” brought us a steady rain of hugging, including an emotional Chibs and Jax hug, as well as the usual hugs of greeting.

Man Hug episode total: 4

Man Hug Season Total: 14

One final Texas thought . . . .

Not a tweet, but a Facebook comment from Susan, which nicely sums up the 2012 WLA conference:

Leaving Lubbock in my pickup, I slipped Gary P.Nunn’s CD (our wonderful WLA gift) into my player, and the first song was “What I Like about Texas.” How appropriate! What I like about Texas is Sara Spurgeon and the amazing conference she hosted! The CD kept me in a Texas mood all of the way home.

And a final group of #@wl2012 Tweets:

David Fenimore‏@fenimas

#wla2012 Sunday afternoon Overton Hotel, so surrealistically quiet you can hear the Muzak. Miss you already.

Jaime Rafael Puente‏@JaimeRPuente

One thing I learned at the #WLA2012 is that there’s a brutal scooby doo ending to JAVillarreal’s Pocho that was never published. #LATISM

And those at #wla2012 who asked for a link to my conference paper and slides

Thanks, however, to all my grad student professionalization panel members at #wla2012. Everyone gave great advice on the changing job market.

I planned to live tweet from #wla2012 this weekend but spent most of the conference is a medicine coma instead. Sorry to have missed out.

The high plains made for a lovely host for #wla2012 thanks for having me.

Andrew Husband‏@AndrewHusband

It’s been real, folks. See you at Berkeley in 2013! #wla2012

Tweet Digest 2

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

In sum: memorable conversations, community, and collegiality at #wla2012, my first WLA

Priscilla Ybarra’s talk later also sticks with me, about how Chicano/a environ. challenges “neoliberal environmentalism” #wla2012

& Ashley Reis traced the “community concept” in Steinbeck’s 1933 novel _To a God Unknown_ #wla2012

Megan Kimble explored an urban land “ethic for the consumer, an ethic to buy by” #wla2012

Thrilled to present yesterday with @jamesbarilla, Megan Kimble, & Ashley Reis on a land ethic for the next generation. #wla2012

S Goldberg discusses the 1890’s project of masculinizing the west. A new insight for contasting rest therapy and men going west. #wla2012

Find @SuzannneRoberts on the ‘Women Writing the Wild’ panel at the #WLA2012 Conference TODAY, 9:30 AM  @WesternAmerica1

Rise and Shine! Elizabeth Dodd, Mary Clearman Blew, Liz Stephens, @SuzannneRoberts, @tracy_seeley, & David Mogen on the 8 AM Panel #WLA2012

#wla2012 Another tweeter presenting Sat at 8: partnership tales of the CA Gold Rush.

I will be talking about queer temporality and failure at 8am tmw morning – sounds like morning-after-the-night-before talk at #wla2012

Chose passages from KISSED BY A FOX to read at tomorrow morning’s panel, 9:30 a.m. Practicing reading aloud for time is fun. #wla2012

How do we figure out how to put our insights and fears abt the environment to work? poet Naomi Shihab Nye #wla2012

The unfolding of the imagination is the only true education. Blake, qtd by Naomi Shihab Nye #wla2012

A little late, but Writing in the Motile West, and Willa Cather panels for the afternoon. #wla2012

Great presentation on narcocorridos by Christopher Muniz. #wla2012

Got to meet Richard Slotkin today and hear his words of wisdom about the future of the humanities! Great times. #wla2012

#wla2012 Gripping book history from Brandon Shuler. Banditti of the Plains (1894) called WY stockmen villains & got pulled from Lib of Cong.

#wla2012 Delightful 9:30 panel on Texas songwriting. Thanks, Sara or Kerry, for assigning me to chair it!

Public histories, Jack London, and San Ygnacio in Horizon C #wla2012

BM Bower’s print culture gives insight into her literary rep – thx V. Lamont for the paper @ #wla2012

Want to meet UNP authors at #WLA2012? Go to the ‘Recent and Forthcoming Writers with University of Nebraska Press’ panel TOMORROW, 8 AM.

Tatum, on McCarthy, how does one write within a loss or trauma? how can sense of trauma be transformed into ethical poltical act? #wla2012

Campbell on postwestern mourning how we might learn to live with specters of violence & grief discussed via No Country for Old Men #wla201

Robinson: McCarthy interested in the universal human need to make sense of what reality is. #wla2012

#wla2012 Getting started with “Current Critical Trends”

I give my paper on the remediation of Mexican history in Red Dead Redemption at #wla2012 – may the tech-gods be kind today.

Affects, blue-collar saboteurs, cashed-in cowboy memoirs, and cowboy classed social spaces in Sunset A #wla201

This morning’s panels: McCarthy, grad student professionalization, land ethics #wla2012

LIstening Richard Slotkin analyze classic westerns has to be on par with seeing Ted Williams hit a baseball. Both are naturals. #wla2012

Gearing up for another day of panels, and still thinking about transregional readings. Django Unchained? McCarthy? #wla2012

Tweet Digest

Live tweets from Thursday at the Western Literature Association Conference (2012). To read in order, start at the bottom of the post and go up


Saw Richard Slotkin speak = peed my pants; drank a Texas lager called Wicked Beaver (eep). All in a day at the #wla2012

Andrew Husband ‏@AndrewHusband

“Imagine an alligator, playing electric guitar, riding a flaming motorcycle…” #wla2012

@Surrealtweets Introduces Whedon at #wla2012 sans Whedon

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

Listening to Maria Alicia Garza’s paper: “No Dogs, No Mexicans”: violence & Erasure in MH Viramontes’s Their Dogs Came With Them. #wla2012

Lowell Mick White Lowell Mick White ‏@lowellmickwhite

“Time passes slowly in Lubbock.” #texas #WLA2012

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

Never thought about the comparison between Villarreal’s Pocho and Ellison’s Invisible Man. #wla2012

At Precarity of Mexican-American Identity in the American West. #wla2012

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

Kolodny’s latest, on “first contact” and “the Anglo-American anxiety of discovery”: In Search of First Contact

Annette Kolodny’s work challenges lit scholars to read new texts, contexts, and languages. #wla2012

Tara Penry Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Scandinavian origins disappeared from Anglo-Am stories with anti-German sentiment in WWI, says Kolodny during Q&A.

#wla2012 Aranda: Empowering for Mex-Am youth to side with Skralings, who chased away the Vikings.

#wla2012 We’re seeing pics of Leif the Lucky (1941), a children’s book, in Jose Aranda’s first PPt lecture. Great visuals.

#wla2012 Hamilton and Hillard both note need to press western studies to earlier dates.

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

@UTAustin It was great! We all received excellent commentary for our papers. @UT_CMAS @UT_English #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Hillard: Kolodny’s Vinland reception history and Nicolar story are dead and buried stories that she exhumed.

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Kolodny speaking on similarities and differences in westering impulses of the Norse in 10th century and Americans in 19th #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 “Wherever the real location of Vinland, its symbolic meaning is here,” in later Am W. – Kolodny’s conclusion

#wla2012 Only evidence of Norse in N Am was found in 1961 at northern tip of Newfoundland. Other evidence probably lost to rising seas.

#wla2012 19th-c Americans celebrated their Norse ancestry and used it to justify racial superiority – I’m learning from Annette Kolodny.

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Kolodny’s edited book of 19th century narrative by Joseph Nikolar, some proceeds of sales go to scholarship for Penobscot students. #wla2012

Hmm, continuing microphone problems at the Overton with the #wla2012 conference.

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

Lopez read his 350-word fictional story, “The Trail,” and his nonfiction essay “Six Thousand Lessons” #wla2012

Diversity is like carbon: not a characteristic of life, but a condition of it. -my paraphrase of Barry Lopez #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Ignoring differences is a peril. Lopez is really wise with examples here. Diversity is a condition of life, like carbon.

#wla2012 traveling to Vienna, one says “I have more or less been to Prague.”

#wla2012 TV generalizes many world languages into “what we all know.”

#wla2012 Inuit don’t speak of what “the caribou” do, but of what an individual caribou did at a particular time. Lopez

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

It’s great to be in excellent scholarly company for my first professional conference presentation. #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Charged to write exactly 350 words on subject of climate change, Lopez made a story called “The Trail.”

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

My @UTAustin colleauges & I are happily done w our panel @ #wla2012 & catching Ecological Sustainability Gender & the Arts in the West

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Samurais present swords to former enemies. Talking about reconciliation.

Justin Schumaker ‏@js_schumaker

Delighting in Samson’s use of A Thousand Plateaus. #wla2012
Priscilla Stuckey ‏@priscillast

Writer’s job is to keep alive small fires: reverence for what lies beyond human knowing, profound respect for other. -Barry Lopez #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Lopez working on a book about abuse of land and our abuse of each other.

#wla2012 Lopez…I’ve no ready answers to the profoundly disturbing questions of our time….

#wla2012 Barry Lopez says …I write out of my experience of the world….western geographies have profoundly shaped my fiction.
Priscilla Stuckey ‏@priscillast

Listening to Barry Lopez. Just reread his “Madre de Dios.” Wow. … #wla2012

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Barry Lopez delayed, waiting for podium, which, when first announced, thought they said “waiting for a pony,” this being #wla2012 after all.
19h Michael Lemon Michael Lemon ‏@mike_lemon

Just finished attending the Mormon panel: it was amazing #wla2012

Western American Lit ‏@WesternAmerica1

Large boxes marked Proulx, Kolodney, Lopez brought into #wla2012 conference. Assuming those are their books and not the authors themselves.

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Undead in the West for my first #WLA2012 panel this year–nothing like a little zombie violence before breakfast.

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

Met four coyotes by night and one by day on the way to #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Great turnout so far for opening night of WLA in Lubbock!

Priscilla Stuckey ‏@priscillast

Farmland prices go up. Idea is that drought is episodic–denial that this drought could be decades or centuries long. -Annie Proulx #wla2012

The real issue of our time is #climatechange. Perhaps we will have something in common with the Anasazi. -Annie Proulx #wla2012

Listening to writer Annie Proulx #wla2012

ASLE 20th Anniversary

One of the first events of the 2012 Western Literature Assocation conference was a reception to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment, an organization that had its origins in the WLA.

ASLE President Joni Adamson with WLA President Sara Spurgeon

WLA Conference 2012

On the way to Lubbock, getting ready for the start of the Western Literature Association’s 2012 Conference.