Sons of Anarchy: “Ablation”

Confession, they say, is good for the soul, but that old saying begs the question as to whether confession is good for any other part of you. In Sons of Anarchy, anyway, confession may be good for the soul, but the episode “Ablation” suggests that it’s not much good for anything else—as every confession (and there are several) is followed not with absolution but deeper trouble.

Juice confesses to Clay that he has committed several sins in the past, passing information to the police, stealing drugs, blaming someone else for the theft, and then killing the man he blamed (who had actually just caught him with the drugs). Clay follows up with his own confession, his involvement in the home invasions, his role in killing the two Nomads that had gone to shoot Unser. Confession, Clay tells Juice, is good because it ties two people together. In this case, confession may be good for Clay, but Juice, when he realizes that he is now committed to Clay as his secret sharer, well, he doesn’t look like any weight has been lifted from his soul (just the opposite).

One of the two men who had tried to take out Jax as he was riding up to the cabin on his motorcycle confesses to Jax that he indeed was the man, although it was not personal (just needed the work), and he reveals to Jax the information that he wants (who had hired him). And the confession may indeed be good for the man’s soul, but it’s certainly not good for his body (Jax shoots him in the stomach).

And after initially concealing (or letting Clay conceal and then following along) the reason she had crashed the van while driving with Jax’s sons, Gemma confesses that she was driving while stoned, and that was the reason for the crash. Again, maybe this is good for her soul, but not for her body, as Tara hits her in the face as soon as she hears. And it’s not good for Gemma’s well-being, as Jax declares that she is “dead” to his family.

Jax, like Clay, decides to turn this confession to his own advantage. As Clay has tied Juice more closely to him, Jax tells Gemma that she must help him bring down Clay if she ever wants to see her grandchildren again. “Make him feel like a King,” Jax tells her, and it seems that maybe we’re back to Hamlet again. The difference is that Jax encourages—orders—his mother to sleep with the man who killed his father to make himself king. Hamlet didn’t really do that. However, like Hamlet, Jax has been hesitating, delaying the decision to finally kill the King. One thing is sure, though. Like Hamlet, I fully suspect the “stage” will be covered with bodies by the end of the season.


One Response to “Sons of Anarchy: “Ablation””

  1. Delaney Says:

    Gemma might finally be done running everyone around her into the ground. She really messed up getting in that accident. When Clay lied for her and Jax finds out from Nero, he confronts her and makes her tell Tara the truth. This is one of the many reasons why I’ve got my Hopper from DISH set to record the show each week. My DISH co-worker pointed out that Tara could be playing Possum with her hand, since she hit Gemma hard enough to draw blood, just like Clay and his oxygen tank. That’s a really good point. After Tara kicked her out of the family, Jax sets Gemma up with a proposition to get in their good graces. Jax tells Gemma that she had better be about Clay 100% to get information if she wants any part in their family. He tells her to “make him feel like a king”.

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