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Live tweets from Thursday at the Western Literature Association Conference (2012). To read in order, start at the bottom of the post and go up


Saw Richard Slotkin speak = peed my pants; drank a Texas lager called Wicked Beaver (eep). All in a day at the #wla2012

Andrew Husband ‏@AndrewHusband

“Imagine an alligator, playing electric guitar, riding a flaming motorcycle…” #wla2012

@Surrealtweets Introduces Whedon at #wla2012 sans Whedon

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

Listening to Maria Alicia Garza’s paper: “No Dogs, No Mexicans”: violence & Erasure in MH Viramontes’s Their Dogs Came With Them. #wla2012

Lowell Mick White Lowell Mick White ‏@lowellmickwhite

“Time passes slowly in Lubbock.” #texas #WLA2012

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

Never thought about the comparison between Villarreal’s Pocho and Ellison’s Invisible Man. #wla2012

At Precarity of Mexican-American Identity in the American West. #wla2012

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

Kolodny’s latest, on “first contact” and “the Anglo-American anxiety of discovery”: In Search of First Contact

Annette Kolodny’s work challenges lit scholars to read new texts, contexts, and languages. #wla2012

Tara Penry Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Scandinavian origins disappeared from Anglo-Am stories with anti-German sentiment in WWI, says Kolodny during Q&A.

#wla2012 Aranda: Empowering for Mex-Am youth to side with Skralings, who chased away the Vikings.

#wla2012 We’re seeing pics of Leif the Lucky (1941), a children’s book, in Jose Aranda’s first PPt lecture. Great visuals.

#wla2012 Hamilton and Hillard both note need to press western studies to earlier dates.

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

@UTAustin It was great! We all received excellent commentary for our papers. @UT_CMAS @UT_English #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Hillard: Kolodny’s Vinland reception history and Nicolar story are dead and buried stories that she exhumed.

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Kolodny speaking on similarities and differences in westering impulses of the Norse in 10th century and Americans in 19th #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 “Wherever the real location of Vinland, its symbolic meaning is here,” in later Am W. – Kolodny’s conclusion

#wla2012 Only evidence of Norse in N Am was found in 1961 at northern tip of Newfoundland. Other evidence probably lost to rising seas.

#wla2012 19th-c Americans celebrated their Norse ancestry and used it to justify racial superiority – I’m learning from Annette Kolodny.

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Kolodny’s edited book of 19th century narrative by Joseph Nikolar, some proceeds of sales go to scholarship for Penobscot students. #wla2012

Hmm, continuing microphone problems at the Overton with the #wla2012 conference.

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

Lopez read his 350-word fictional story, “The Trail,” and his nonfiction essay “Six Thousand Lessons” #wla2012

Diversity is like carbon: not a characteristic of life, but a condition of it. -my paraphrase of Barry Lopez #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Ignoring differences is a peril. Lopez is really wise with examples here. Diversity is a condition of life, like carbon.

#wla2012 traveling to Vienna, one says “I have more or less been to Prague.”

#wla2012 TV generalizes many world languages into “what we all know.”

#wla2012 Inuit don’t speak of what “the caribou” do, but of what an individual caribou did at a particular time. Lopez

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

It’s great to be in excellent scholarly company for my first professional conference presentation. #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Charged to write exactly 350 words on subject of climate change, Lopez made a story called “The Trail.”

Jaime Rafael Puente ‏@JaimeRPuente

My @UTAustin colleauges & I are happily done w our panel @ #wla2012 & catching Ecological Sustainability Gender & the Arts in the West

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Samurais present swords to former enemies. Talking about reconciliation.

Justin Schumaker ‏@js_schumaker

Delighting in Samson’s use of A Thousand Plateaus. #wla2012
Priscilla Stuckey ‏@priscillast

Writer’s job is to keep alive small fires: reverence for what lies beyond human knowing, profound respect for other. -Barry Lopez #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Lopez working on a book about abuse of land and our abuse of each other.

#wla2012 Lopez…I’ve no ready answers to the profoundly disturbing questions of our time….

#wla2012 Barry Lopez says …I write out of my experience of the world….western geographies have profoundly shaped my fiction.
Priscilla Stuckey ‏@priscillast

Listening to Barry Lopez. Just reread his “Madre de Dios.” Wow. … #wla2012

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Barry Lopez delayed, waiting for podium, which, when first announced, thought they said “waiting for a pony,” this being #wla2012 after all.
19h Michael Lemon Michael Lemon ‏@mike_lemon

Just finished attending the Mormon panel: it was amazing #wla2012

Western American Lit ‏@WesternAmerica1

Large boxes marked Proulx, Kolodney, Lopez brought into #wla2012 conference. Assuming those are their books and not the authors themselves.

Michael Johnson ‏@Surrealtweets

Undead in the West for my first #WLA2012 panel this year–nothing like a little zombie violence before breakfast.

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

Met four coyotes by night and one by day on the way to #wla2012

Tara Penry ‏@blueflax2

#wla2012 Great turnout so far for opening night of WLA in Lubbock!

Priscilla Stuckey ‏@priscillast

Farmland prices go up. Idea is that drought is episodic–denial that this drought could be decades or centuries long. -Annie Proulx #wla2012

The real issue of our time is #climatechange. Perhaps we will have something in common with the Anasazi. -Annie Proulx #wla2012

Listening to writer Annie Proulx #wla2012


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