Tweet Digest 2

Aubrey Streit Krug ‏@astreitkrug

In sum: memorable conversations, community, and collegiality at #wla2012, my first WLA

Priscilla Ybarra’s talk later also sticks with me, about how Chicano/a environ. challenges “neoliberal environmentalism” #wla2012

& Ashley Reis traced the “community concept” in Steinbeck’s 1933 novel _To a God Unknown_ #wla2012

Megan Kimble explored an urban land “ethic for the consumer, an ethic to buy by” #wla2012

Thrilled to present yesterday with @jamesbarilla, Megan Kimble, & Ashley Reis on a land ethic for the next generation. #wla2012

S Goldberg discusses the 1890’s project of masculinizing the west. A new insight for contasting rest therapy and men going west. #wla2012

Find @SuzannneRoberts on the ‘Women Writing the Wild’ panel at the #WLA2012 Conference TODAY, 9:30 AM  @WesternAmerica1

Rise and Shine! Elizabeth Dodd, Mary Clearman Blew, Liz Stephens, @SuzannneRoberts, @tracy_seeley, & David Mogen on the 8 AM Panel #WLA2012

#wla2012 Another tweeter presenting Sat at 8: partnership tales of the CA Gold Rush.

I will be talking about queer temporality and failure at 8am tmw morning – sounds like morning-after-the-night-before talk at #wla2012

Chose passages from KISSED BY A FOX to read at tomorrow morning’s panel, 9:30 a.m. Practicing reading aloud for time is fun. #wla2012

How do we figure out how to put our insights and fears abt the environment to work? poet Naomi Shihab Nye #wla2012

The unfolding of the imagination is the only true education. Blake, qtd by Naomi Shihab Nye #wla2012

A little late, but Writing in the Motile West, and Willa Cather panels for the afternoon. #wla2012

Great presentation on narcocorridos by Christopher Muniz. #wla2012

Got to meet Richard Slotkin today and hear his words of wisdom about the future of the humanities! Great times. #wla2012

#wla2012 Gripping book history from Brandon Shuler. Banditti of the Plains (1894) called WY stockmen villains & got pulled from Lib of Cong.

#wla2012 Delightful 9:30 panel on Texas songwriting. Thanks, Sara or Kerry, for assigning me to chair it!

Public histories, Jack London, and San Ygnacio in Horizon C #wla2012

BM Bower’s print culture gives insight into her literary rep – thx V. Lamont for the paper @ #wla2012

Want to meet UNP authors at #WLA2012? Go to the ‘Recent and Forthcoming Writers with University of Nebraska Press’ panel TOMORROW, 8 AM.

Tatum, on McCarthy, how does one write within a loss or trauma? how can sense of trauma be transformed into ethical poltical act? #wla2012

Campbell on postwestern mourning how we might learn to live with specters of violence & grief discussed via No Country for Old Men #wla201

Robinson: McCarthy interested in the universal human need to make sense of what reality is. #wla2012

#wla2012 Getting started with “Current Critical Trends”

I give my paper on the remediation of Mexican history in Red Dead Redemption at #wla2012 – may the tech-gods be kind today.

Affects, blue-collar saboteurs, cashed-in cowboy memoirs, and cowboy classed social spaces in Sunset A #wla201

This morning’s panels: McCarthy, grad student professionalization, land ethics #wla2012

LIstening Richard Slotkin analyze classic westerns has to be on par with seeing Ted Williams hit a baseball. Both are naturals. #wla2012

Gearing up for another day of panels, and still thinking about transregional readings. Django Unchained? McCarthy? #wla2012


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