One final Texas thought . . . .

Not a tweet, but a Facebook comment from Susan, which nicely sums up the 2012 WLA conference:

Leaving Lubbock in my pickup, I slipped Gary P.Nunn’s CD (our wonderful WLA gift) into my player, and the first song was “What I Like about Texas.” How appropriate! What I like about Texas is Sara Spurgeon and the amazing conference she hosted! The CD kept me in a Texas mood all of the way home.

And a final group of #@wl2012 Tweets:

David Fenimore‏@fenimas

#wla2012 Sunday afternoon Overton Hotel, so surrealistically quiet you can hear the Muzak. Miss you already.

Jaime Rafael Puente‏@JaimeRPuente

One thing I learned at the #WLA2012 is that there’s a brutal scooby doo ending to JAVillarreal’s Pocho that was never published. #LATISM

And those at #wla2012 who asked for a link to my conference paper and slides

Thanks, however, to all my grad student professionalization panel members at #wla2012. Everyone gave great advice on the changing job market.

I planned to live tweet from #wla2012 this weekend but spent most of the conference is a medicine coma instead. Sorry to have missed out.

The high plains made for a lovely host for #wla2012 thanks for having me.

Andrew Husband‏@AndrewHusband

It’s been real, folks. See you at Berkeley in 2013! #wla2012


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