Love in Western Film and Television

A new book forthcoming from Palgrave-McMillan:


This collection of ground-breaking articles examines problems romance presents in the American Western. Looking at cinematic masterpieces and cult classics, this book offers readers important and challenging insights into the complicated (and often conflicted) nature of love and the versatile frontier narrative that address key social, political, and ethical components of the Western genre.

Virgins, Widows, and Whores: The Bride Pool of John Wayne’s Westerns; H.M.Lewis
Just a Woman After All? Gender Dynamics in the Westerns of Barbara Stanwyck; A.P.Nelson
Violence, Vixens and Virgins: Noir-like Women in the Stewart/Mann Westerns; D.B.Cutshaw
From Whore to Madonna: Female Subjectivity in Once Upon a Time in the West; A.Gazzaniga
Reverse Transvestism and the Classic Hero: The Ballad of Little Jo and the Archetypal Western (fe)male; V.Piturro
‘Wild’ Women: Interracial Romance on the Western Frontier; C.J.Miller
Paladin Plays the Field: Have Gun Will Travel and the Erotic Domestic of the 1950s; E.L.Mock
The melancholy couple in Winchester ’73; P.Falconer
Outlaws, Buddies, and Lovers: The Sexual Politics of Calamity Jane and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; F.Pheasant-Kelly
Horse Power: Equine Alliances in the Western; S.Hockenhull

A French Unsettlement of the Frontier: Love and the threatened American dream in Heaven’s Gate; L.Cox
Saddle Pals Eurostyle and the Absence of Love in the Karl-May Westerns; R.Spindler
‘When you side with a man, you stay with him!’: The Importance of Philia in Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch; S.Matheson


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