New Season of Justified

The new season of Justified is off to a good start. Although Raylan Givens is still wearing his trademark cowboy hat, season 4 has been less “western”-oriented than some of the earlier seasons of this “southern western.” There are references every now and then comparing Raylan to Gary Cooper, and the “Tombstone” poster that used to be on the wall of Art Mullen’s office has now made it’s way to wall of Raylan’s apartment. And Raylan himself continues to try to find ways to resolve conflicts through dialogue rather than bullets, although a high-powered bean bag sometimes comes in handy as a middle option.

More Deadwood actors join Deadwood‘s Olyphant as guest stars, including Gerald McRaney (George Hurst in Deadwood) in the most recent episode as Josiah Cairn,  and Jim Beaver continues in a small role as the Harlan County Sheriff.



2 Responses to “New Season of Justified”

  1. billyriel1971 Says:

    I would be curious to get your take, Michael, as the season has now wrapped up. I have noticed that in Seasons 2, 3 and 4 there has been – to greater or lesser degree – a main “bad guy/girl” that is dispatched at the end of the season (Mags Bennett in S2, Robert Quarles in S3 and now Nicky Augustine in S4). In the elimination of these foils, Raylan Givens finds a period of peace before the next season. I don’t want to say there is an automatic mechanical approach to this – as I am a fan of the show and think the exploration of rural culture (with attendant Western references) has been excellent – but I am noticing this pattern and am curious if the same approach will occur in Season 5.


  2. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    I’m behind on my television watching (and everything else). Hopefully I will have a chance to watch the last few episodes of “Justified” and then respond in more detail.

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