WLA at the ALA

The Western Literature Association sponsored several panels at the 2013 American Literature Association conference in Boston.

Word from the African American West

“Revolt from the Provinces: Wallace Thurman, the West, and Black Sexual Politics,” Emily Lutenski, Saint Louis University

“Hoo-Doo Cowboys in Ishmael Reed’s Yellow-Back Radio Brokedown and Taylor Gordon’s Born to Be,” Michael K. Johnson, University of Maine-Farmington

“Women and Children First!: The American West as Public Sphere in Pearl Cleage’s Flyin’ West,” Kalenda Eaton, Arcadia University

“‘Word from the Far West’: The Black West in the Christian Recorder, 1861-1890,” Eric Gardner, Saginaw Valley State University

(No photo available of the panelists, alas)

Truer West: Western Authenticity and Unsettling the Literary West, Ten Years After

“License to Work: ‘Authentic Cowboys’ and the Legal Battle Over American Labor,” Kiara L. Kharpertian, Boston College

“Affecting Western American Nature Writing,” Andrew Husband, Texas Tech University

“Joan Didion’s Haphazard Suburban Ranchos: Claims to Property and Authenticity in Run River, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, and Where I Was From,” Kaitlin Walker, University of California at Davis

“What Would Mabel Dodge Luhan Do? Celebrity Culture and Cultural Tourism in the Southwest,” Carrie Johnston, Southern Methodist University

HHI 001 (1280x853)

















Periodicals, Print Culture, and the Late 19th/Early-20th-century

“Mr. Hickock, I presume? Wild Bill, Harper’s, and Henry Stanley’s Western Adventures,” Nicolas Witschi (Western Michigan)

“Material Culture in Turn-of-the-Century, West Coast Bibelots,” Matthew Lavin (Nebraska-Lincoln)

“Capturing the Land of Sunshine: Local Color, Vanishing Indians, and the Marketing of the Southwest,” Sigrid Anderson Cordell (Michigan).

HHI 009 (1280x853)




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