Reviews of Johnny Depp and the Lone Ranger

Okay, that’s not really the title of the film, but it’s accurate to the flood of publicity preceding the movie. I don’t think I’m going to see this one. From the trailers I’ve seen, it looks awful. And the early reviews seem to be confirming that. There’s a nice collection of review zingers at Indian Country Today:

The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto, opens tomorrow. It has been, quite easily, the most debated piece of entertainment in Indian country for the past year. But among critics, there is little debate: This, they say, is not a good movie. At the review-agregating site Rotten Tomatoes, which provides a rating based on critical consensus, The Lone Ranger enjoys a 17% approval (and falling—it started the day with 20%). Ranger‘s box-office competition is faring much better: Despicable Me 2, also opening tomorrow, scores 80%, while the top three earners in theaters now, Monsters University, The Heat, and World War Z, enjoy respective 78%, 62%, and 68% favorable ratings.


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