Reissued Books

From Pharos Editions:
Harry Kirchner here publisher of Pharos Editions (  We team-up w/contemporary writers and have them select and write introductions for out of print books that are of personal significance.
As it turned out, the first 4 books we released are very much rooted in Western American cultural/political history.  It occurred to me that members of the Western Literature Association and readers of the Journal would likely be interested in knowing that these are available.  I’m not sure how to get the word out but thought I’d start by contacting you.
The books are in order of their original release dates:
Frank Norris’ McTeague – this is the only book of the 4 that is in public domain but I include it here as we are quite proud of our edition
Robert Cantwell’s The Land of Plenty – A classic “proletarian” novel of the mid-30’s set in a lumber mill in Aberdeen WA.
Richard Hallas’ (Eric Knight) You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up –  a quirky noir thriller that explores the dark side of depression era LA and the megalomania of early Hollywood producers.
Todd Walton’s Inside Moves – a novel set in late Vietnam war-era San Francisco but with a focus more on the outcasts of the Tenderloin than on the hippies in the Height.
Harry Kirchner
Publisher Pharos editions

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