Tweets from WLA 2013

Below are the collected tweets from the Western Literature Association Conference in Berkeley:


Results for #westernlit2013

  1. Had to jump ship & catch a plane after my panel. Wanted to stick around, what with so much more to say—fantastic conference. #westernlit2013

  2. Annette Kolodny is a full-hearted badass. #westernlit2013

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  3. WLA blog gets international views. Nifty graphic from Michael Johnson. #westernlit2013

  4. #westernlit2013 silverware being sorted behind the WAL session …hmm

  5. @WesternAmerica1 How can I resist? All my conference tweeting so far has been on a post-panel delay :) #westernlit2013

  6. Also, Vizenor impersonated a crow. 3 times. Just saying. #westernlit2013

  7. Fantastic and moving panel where Gerald Vizenor and others commemorated Louis Owens #westernlit2013 @WesternAmerica1

  8. .@ashleymchamp Wish you’d been at the panel where Gerald Vizenor just summarized the whole NA portion of the R&E list! #westernlit2013

  9. The future of democracy is at the local level. West Coast/Left Coast panel at #westernlit2013

  10. I never realized until Doe Library told me that Berkeley was named for Berkeley for THIS reason. #westernlit2013

  11. Session 12E, future of WAL journal and WLA social media. Come live tweet our discussion of live tweeting at WLA sessions. #westernlit2013

  12. FSD » DEN » SFO » Berkeley » #westernlit2013 » PDX for the weekend!

  13. “You think you get to enjoy dreams of serenity when you’re an old man? No luck.” Poet Robert Hass #westernlit2013

  14. Robert Hass accepting the distinguished achievement award at #westernlit2013

  15. Powerful talks on “the dead & the undead” from Steve Tatum, Bonney MacDonald, and Nat Lewis. #westernlit2013

  16. From her detailed answer individualizing each stream, KSR must have been right about waterways as characters in MG’s work. #westernlit2013

  17. More Green Day than DK, but, still, “Jesus of Suburbia” works well as a conference wake-up call. #westernlit2013

  18. Watched Kim Stanley Robinson and Molly Gloss have a heated debate about rivers vs streams. I’d call the afternoon a success #westernlit2013

  19. Kim Stanley Robinson, 1960s, dressed as Huckleberry Finn among the orange groves. #westernlit2013

  20. Kim Stanley Robinson reads Molly Gloss Molly Gloss reads Kim Stanley Robinson. #westernlit2013

  21. Also, I don’t know Molly Gloss…yet. Eager to hear her. #westernlit2013

  22. Gender, Media, and Textuality in Native Self-Representation at #westernlit2013 

  23. And Kim Stanley Robinson ought to be something to see. #westernlit2013

  24. Excited for Kim Stanley Robinson’s plenary! #westernlit2013 @WesternAmerica1

  25. Re: Postwestern—need “post-” anymore? A “sensibility” vs. a “structure”? What/where is the paradigmatic/old western, really? #westernlit2013

  26. Great advice about creating an “organizing fiction” to pitch diverse work as a scholar on the GS publishing panel #westernlit2013

  27. Never seen so many cowboy boots in academia as at WLA #WesternLit2013 @WesternAmerica1

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  28. Mark Twain: The View From Japan at #westernlit2013 @ DoubleTree by Hilton Berkeley Marina 

  29. The fact that there’s another TDOTL paper means I’m guaranteed at least one audience member who’s read the book! Score! #westernlit2013

  30. Best cure for east coast jetlag: 8 am panel on punk rock. Bring on the DKs! #westernlit2013

  31. Nothing new about the Tea Party. Ishmael Reed at #westernlit2013

  32. Natives paid a higher price for service in WWI. Gerald Vizenor. #westernlit2013

  33. Stopping at an authentic old western strip mall en route to #westernlit2013

  34. Thanks to the bus driver who pulled over for me last night b/c she didn’t like the area I was walking in near the Marina #westernlit2013

  35. Peets coffee & nice tea shop & Apple store in case you forgot your iPhone charger also on Fourth St. @WesternAmerica1: #westernlit2013

  36. Veggie deficit eating peanuts on plane to WLA? Great salads, burgers Cafe Rouge on 4th + Pavlovian cocktail shakers #westernlit2013


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