Sons of Anarchy, season 6 continued

The first time I can recall ever seeing CCH Pounder in a television series, she was a guest star on The X-Files, where she played an agent in charge overseeing a hostage negotiations. The Sons of Anarchy episode “Wolfsangel” was actually a bit of an X-Files reunion. Donal Logue, who plays the rogue ex-Federal Marshal Lee Toric (the Feds in SoA always tend toward the psychopathic), also had a guest starring role early in The X-Files, in the episode “Squeeze,” where he played (I think) a former student of Scully’s in charge of investigating his first major crime (lucky him, he gets the preternaturally limber Eugene Tooms). Those two have been on the series all season thus far, but this episode adds to the mix, Mitch Pileggi (Assistant Director Skinner) as (reformed) white racist gang member Darby (and it’s been awhile since his last SoA appearance), and Robert Patrick (John Dogget) as the head of the San Bernardino chapter of the SoA (who arrives to give Jax bad news about the Irish gun trade—his chapter is not interested). I may have to watch the episode again to make sure there isn’t a Lone Gunman tossed into the cast somewhere.

Other than providing the awesomeness of seeing some X-Files actors again, “Wolfsangel” could be summed up in one phrase: “Oh, shit.” As that phrase (or just “Shit!”) appears in the dialogue at least half a dozen times, usually after one character or another is informed about yet something else going wrong. The Irish arrive with the guns they supposedly weren’t going to deliver. Unser walks in on a meeting he isn’t supposed to see (or, more to the point, that Gemma isn’t supposed to know about), etc.

There continues to be a general lack of man hugs this season. We more often get a kind of half-hug, half-pat on the back, greeting, or, dear lord, sometimes people simply shake hands. We do have an example of the relatively rare shirtless man hug, as Tiggs surprises Jax (who actually thinks Tiggs is dead) still in his jammies, and a shirtless Jax ends up giving Tiggs a man hug with two sharp taps on the back of his leather jacket. I’m not sure if this is Jax’s way of saying, I’m glad you’re not dead, or if he’s just keeping up appearances while wishing that Tiggs was dead. Given the way the members of the M/C are dropping like flies, Jax better hope that Tiggs hangs around for awhile. Otherwise, who is he going have left to join him on a (completely gratuitous?) raid on a white power group’s enclave?

The Episode By the Numbers:

Man Hug Count: 1 (Season Total: 5)

Bodily Dismemberments: 2

Dead White Power Thugs: 5

Angry Irishmen: at least 1


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