Western Writers Online

For anyone who hasn’t seen the new online journal Western Writers Online, just click on the excerpt from the Editor’s Note below to check it out:

From “Editor’s Note,” Western Writers Online:

In 1972, two English faculty members at Boise State University began publishing a series of 50-page, tan-covered booklets introducing the lives and works of authors of the U.S. west. Western Writers Online brings the mission of the BSU Western Writers Series to the web. Like our print predecessor, we intend to make authors of the North American west better known and better understood by a wide audience of teachers, students, scholars, and interested readers.

We enter the field of online publishing with three essays representing the range of our interests in public scholarship on North American western authors. One goal of our site is to bring little-known writers and books to the attention of interested readers. Randi Eldevik’s “From the Dust Bowl to Frederick Manfred’s The Golden Bowl—A Journeyman’s Masterpiece” considers why a book that one critic calls “by far the best” Dust Bowl novel has fallen out of print, and shows us why it should be better known. Another goal of our site is to provide a forum for shorter scholarship on original topics, pieces designed to solve a narrowly defined scholarly problem, or to interpret individual texts or even performances of texts. Tara Penry’s discovery of the context of a letter in her library archive and Michael K. Johnson’s analysis of a First Nations production of William Shakespeare’s King Lear both fit in this category. Our niche is shorter, public scholarship. We plan to select topics that can be treated in approximately 1500-4000 words and to approach them with human curiosity and scholarly tools. We will follow the example of the print Western Writers Series in asking our editors and board members to contribute some of our first essays, so that we who edit also know what we are asking of our writers in this form.


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