SoA: You Are My Sunshine

You know, I’m not sure who artist is that performs the song “You are My Sunshine” at the end of the Sons of Anarchy episode that shares a title with song, but, man, that was the bleakest version of that song that I have ever heard. Is it possible to talk about a “dark” “Sunshine”?

The episode was not exactly a bright summer’s day either, with a goodly amount of death and destruction, a falling to pieces Juice nearly ending it all at Nero’s house of pleasure, and Tara stepping out finally on her own.

The best western moment of the episode: Jax convinces the Chinese gangster that he is giving them Conner along with the Irish guns, but, it turns out to be an ambush that leaves the Chinese dead in burst of slow motion violence that would have made Sam Peckinpah proud. “This is some real cowboy shit here,” a ruffled Conner tells Jax, and he was right about that.

Not much hugging in this episode, unless you count the supporting of a nearly unconscious Juice as a hug, but, really, it’s not, and having one of the newest members learn about the meaning of brotherhood by helping Bobby pee by holding his penis isn’t a hug either (although, it was one of the few amusing moments in this otherwise dark episode).

Sons of Anarchy By the Numbers:

Man Hugs: 2

Season Man Hug Total: 20

Number of Hands Needed to Hold Bobby’s Penis While He Urinates: 2



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