Western Posters Museum Exhibit

The Denver Art Museum (DAM) invites visitors to explore how Polish poster artists captured the essence of the American West through their conceptual works of art in Rebranded: Polish Film Posters for the American Western. On view February 16 through June 1, 2014, Rebranded presents movie posters created during Poland’s communist-era that remain virtually unknown to the American public. Drawn entirely from the Autry National Center of the American West, Rebranded features 28 original posters by some of the most recognizable Polish artists, including Jerzy Filsak, Wiktor Górka and Waldemar Świerzy that reflect the experimental spirit of the famed “Polish Poster School.”

“For more than three decades, the Polish graphic film poster was one of the country’s highest art forms,” said Darrin Alfred, associate curator of architecture, design and graphics at the DAM. “The poster became a source of great national pride in Poland and its role in the cultural life of the nation is unique. These works were one of the few forms of individual artistic expression in the nation under Communism.”


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