Panhandle-Plains Historical Review (CFP)

PPHR      Panhandle-Plains Historical Review

General Call for Papers

PPHR (published since 1928) is a scholarly historical journal that annually publishes articles and book reviews relevant to the region.  The phrase ‘Panhandle-Plains’ emphasizes a sense of the region centered on the Texas high plains but inclusive of Texas, Southwest, and Great Plains scholarship radiating more broadly as may be of interest to our readership.  While based in the field of history, PPHR has long welcomed research in the social sciences and humanities—for example, geography, anthropology/archeology, art history, and literature—as long as it demonstrates a strong historical grounding.

The Panhandle-Plains Historical Review will at times do special topic issues (learn more about this at our website: but at all times welcomes submissions on diverse topics including:

ranching and agriculture

pioneers and early settlers

Native American history and culture

environmental history

the role of the military

Hispanic history

modern settlement and economic development

cultural and historiographical analyses


PPHR is a double-blind peer reviewed journal.  Queries welcome to Alex Hunt (


Editorial Board:  Paul H. Carlson, Professor of History, Emeritus, Texas Tech University • Dan Flores, A. B. Hammond Professor of History, University of Montana • Michael R. Grauer, Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs/Curator of Art and Western Heritage, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum • Marty Kuhlman, Professor of History, West Texas A&M University • Bonney MacDonald, Professor of English, West Texas A&M University • John Miller Morris, Professor of Geography, University of Texas at San Antonio • Garry Nall, Professor of History and Editor, Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, Emeritus, West Texas A&M University • B. Byron Price, Charles Marion Russell Memorial Chair, Director of Charles M. Russell Center for the Study of Art of the American West, and Director of the University of Oklahoma Press, University of Oklahoma • Sherry Smith, Dedman Family Distinguished Professor of History, Associate Director, Clements Center for Southwest Studies • Jean Stuntz, Professor of History, West Texas A&M University



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