CFP: WLA Panel at ASLE

CFP: WLA Panel at ASLE

Literatures of the Gold Rush

As an affiliate organization, the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) supports a WLA-sponsored panel at its annual conference. With attention to the 2015 ASLE conference theme – “Notes From Underground: The Depths of Environmental Arts, Culture and Justice” – this panel will address western literatures of extraction and mining, with particular attention to texts related to western gold rushes. Proposals are invited that critically examine texts that engage the complex history of mining operations in the West from a diversity of perspectives. How do varied cultural and historical contexts impact the way mining, particularly gold mining, is imagined? How are relationships to land and place influenced by mining operations and the search for mineral wealth? How does mineral extraction impact western environments and the stories we tell about the West? How are practices of extraction inscribed on the land and/or in the formal elements of literature?

Please submit a 150-word abstract to Amy Hamilton at by November 1; please include in the subject line of your email “WLA Panel at ASLE.” The WLA panel will be formed in time to resubmit your proposal to the general call if your submission is not selected for the WLA-sponsored panel.



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