About the WLA Blog

Welcome to the WLA Blog!

The blog is associated with the Western Literature Association, and our intended goal with the WLA Blog is to provide a forum for accessible and readable commentary on and analysis of the literature, culture, and popular culture of the American West.

In keeping with the Western Literature Association’s goals and purposes, the WLA Blog is interested in the study of the West in all its varied aspects, the frontier, the Trans-Mississippi United States, the frontier experiences of other nations (especially Canada and Mexico), and in the multiple forms (film, literature, music, etc.) through which the West has been represented.

We hope the WLA Blog will provide a lively forum for readers and writers interested in the American West.

In case you are unfamiliar with the world of blogging, you will notice that blog posts are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posts appearing at the top of the page.

Also, because blogs make it easy for readers to comment on posts, they are particularly useful in promoting discussion. If you would like to comment on a post, just click on the comment link. You will be asked to include a name and email address when you make a comment.

This is a moderated blog, and comments will sometimes be held for approval by the blog administrator. That is why, after you submit a comment, you may see a message stating “your comment is awaiting moderation.” If, rather than a message, you are returned to a screen with an empty comment box, that doesn’t mean that your comment has disappeared. It is also “awaiting moderation.” Sometimes you get the “awaiting moderation” message, and sometimes you don’t, but either way, your comment has been submitted and will soon be published on the blog. Generally, after you have had one comment approved, following comments will be published immediately and will not be held for moderation.

For more information or questions about the WLA Blog, contact blog adminstrator Michael K. Johnson at


One thought on “About the WLA Blog”

  1. I am a middle school teacher in Vermont. We have a number of students who like the basic themes of westerns (honor, independence, survival, and the like) and go through Gary Paulsen and…. stop. I have found that, given the right western at the right time a student will get hooked and read for life, but my knowledge of westerns is zilch (I enjoy the movies but have no patience for the books).

    So, I am looking for a list of good westerns that a young reader might enjoy. It needs to be accessible to someone who is not in the west. Suggestions?

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