How to Submit a Post

For Registered Authors:

Be sure to log in when you get to the blogsite–click on the appropriate link under “meta” in the right-hand column of links.

For the log in, use the user name you chose when you registered with WordPress, and sign in with your WordPress password.

That should take you to “My Dashboards.” From there, you can “Visit Site” or write a post. You should also have an icon for “new post” when on the main site, located on the banner at the top of the page.

Click “Publish” when you finish your post. If you scroll down further, you’ll see “Categories,” if you wish to assign your post to a larger category. You can also use one- or two-word “Tags” to indicate the topic or topics covered in your post.

Also, when you are on the “My Dashboard” page, note that there is a link labeled “Profile” near the top of the page on the right. Click on that link if you wanted to add brief biographical information about yourself.

For Unregistered Authors:

Even if you are not a registered user of the blog, you can submit a post for review by the editor. Submissions should be sent to:

5 thoughts on “How to Submit a Post”

  1. The info for the 2010 conference looks great so far. Only one problem for me…. no info I can find that explains which airport to fly into in order to get to the conference. And how to get to the resort from the sirport. How the heck do I get to the conference? Fly into Phoenix and rent a car? Is there a van? Am I missing something on the WLA website or on this blog? Does Flagstaff have an airport?

    1. There will be something posted soon on the WLA website about flight options. There are airports in Phoenix and Flagstaff, and a small airport in Prescott. There will be shuttle service from Phoenix to Prescott (but I’m not sure whether or not that will be the case for the other two). More information will be forthcoming (soon).

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