Live Free or Die, Breaking Bad Season Five

“All hail the king” is the marketing tagline for this season of Breaking Bad. After defeating Gus and exposing his other face, Walt is filled with hubris. Saul and Skylar fear him. Mike must deal with him and Jesse doesn’t know the truth of what his partner has done, but has no one else left in his life. For me, the best moments in the season five premiere were the opening scenes of the episode. Walt goes into a Denny’s and uses his bacon to form the number “52.” In the flash forward, we see a weathered version of Walt celebrating his birthday solo. He has a fake identity and a New Hampshire driver’s license. The camera hovers on his car’s New Hampshire plates. Live Free or Die, the state’s motto, sets up the tone for this run of episodes in which there is very few options.


One Response to “Live Free or Die, Breaking Bad Season Five”

  1. Michael K. Johnson Says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the bacon–I couldn’t figure out what he was doing with it. I guess the flash forward shows us where the season is headed–Walt with hair and a full beard, and purchasing an impressive looking illegal weapon out of a Denny’s bathroom. It was also good to see Jim Beaver, formerly of “Deadwood,” in the flash forward—but then again, the actor shows up at some point in almost every television show I watch.

    Favorite Mike line of the episode: “I see a lot of possible outcomes for this, but not one of them is Miller Time.”

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